Our technology for ensuring trust, compliance and auditability of IoT data enables companies to make decisions based on data, even if they are provided by third parties. Through peer-to-peer data exchange between the stakeholders, without central storing or routing, the control of data remains at each company. Below you can find selected use-cases in which our technology brings an essential added value.


Verified usage data of products provides the base for introducing pay-per-use pricing options.

usage-based guarantees

Link guarantees, insurances and maintenance based on the actual utilisation of products. 


open innovation

Share data streams with partners, startups and researchers to jointly develop new products and services.


New pricing models based on the current utilisation of products, processes or production capacities offer advantages for cost optimisation, predictions, maintenance and transparency. For introducing pay-per-use pricing options based on machine data, Tributech offers a solution establishing trust in that data and provides transparency between suppliers, producers, customers and also financial institutions.

assembly lines

pay-per-use based on the current production output

battery systems

pay-per-use based on actual utilisation of the battery health


pay-per-use based on the actual wear of machines

Advantages of pay-per-use

  • expand utilisation by sharing production capacity
  • increase customer loyalty
  • optimise lifetime value of your customers
  • include maintenance and additional services

Advantages of tributech

  • get trusted machine data as base for pricing options
  • peer-to-peer data access and synchronisation
  • auditable usage data for transparency between stakeholder
  • simple and quick setup for connecting digital value chains

usage-based guarantees

In the case of unpredictable usage of products, warranty cases always lead to problems. For example, the battery life from an electric vehicle highly depends on the usage of the battery through users. A transparent matching of the actual usage profile and the guarantee terms is therefore an essential requirement for producers and customers. To get reliable data of products, Tributech offers a solution getting verified usage profiles fully transparent for both producer and customer.


provide warranties based on usage profiles of products


insure products based on actual usage of products

usage rewards

reward customers for sustainable usage of products

Advantages of usage-based guarantees

  • link product guarantees to actual usage profiles of products
  • offer different guarantee options for different usage profiles
  • reward sustainable use of products
  • avoid misuse which increases product lifetime

Advantages of tributech

  • get trusted product data for usage profiles
  • peer-to-peer data access and synchronisation
  • establishes trust in data between producer and customer
  • simple and quick setup for connecting digital value chains

open innovation

The goal of open innovation projects is the collaboration of enterprises, startups and also research institutions to develop new products and services, to expand existing solutions or to create new business models. To increase the speed of innovation and digital transformation processes, Tributech offers standards creating trust and access to machine data in these business relationships. So you can now focus on your digital core business as it is already established in traditional value chains.


provide product and machine data access to increase quality of use cases

partner & startups

collaborate with partners and startups to increase service portfolios


provide data access for research and development collaborations

Advantages of open innovation

  • jointly develop new products and services
  • include external know-how in innovation processes
  • open up new business sectors through partnerships
  • focus on your digital core business

Advantages of tributech

  • standards for data access and synchronisation with partners
  • control data access without IT knowledge via web app
  • data access by partners is transparent and documented
  • management of data-driven business relationships

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