Tributech DataSpace Kit
Data audit & sharing technology

Our DataSpace Kit provides trustworthy data, selectively shared across platforms and companies while providing data governance and sovereignty for all stakeholders – a plug & play kit to unlock trusted data sharing for your business.

3 steps enabling trustworthy data across companies



Secure data right up from the source

Integrate the process for creating cryptographic proofs into edge or embedded devices to ensure the trustworthiness of data.



Selectively share data with others

The fine-granular data sharing process is designed without a third party involved supporting data sovereignty and traceability for all involved parties.



Use trustworthy data for your data service

Consume shared data via APIs and pre-built connectors as trustworthy foundation for your data service or platform.

DataSpace Kit in Action

How to generate tamper-proof Data?

Key benefits supporting your data business

Trustworthy (IoT) data-as-a-Service

Plug & Play service for auditing origin and integrity of shared IoT data cross-company

Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing

Share data peer-to-peer between systems and companies without an intermediate party

Full Data Governance

Selective and fine-granular data sharing process support cross-company data governance and data sovereignty

Plug & Play toolkit

Use our marketplace offer in Microsoft Azure to set up a data ecosystem within minutes

What makes the DataSpace Kit unique?

Cross-platform integration

Well designed interfaces and a modular system ensures an easy and cross-platform integration of the DataSpace Kit

Compatibility with any Data Source

Connect any data source via APIs and pre-built integrations (MQTT, OPC-UA, IoT Hub and more)

Fully-managed Trust Layer

Blockchain-based trust layer is fully-managed and therefore easy to integrate into your service or platform

Highly-scalable data verification

Scale to millions of data points and unlimited number of data sources

Overview Tributech DataSpace Kit

The Tributech DataSpace Kit (DSK) enables you to secure and share data cross-company or cross-platform in a selective, auditable way while maintaining data sovereignty. The cryptographic fingerprints, stored in the blockchain layer, enable you to verify if the data is trustworthy and not manipulated or corrupted.

DataSpace Node

The DataSpace Node is acting as a gateway/broker for the cross-company data exchange within an ecosystem. It contains all necessary services for the data synchronization and data verification.
Via the integrated web application you can

  • Connect data sources via API and manage relevant meta data for the connected data streams
  • Share and subscribe to data streams without the need to care about networking, data processing, authentication and encryption
  • Verify shared data by checking data origin and integrity before using it enabled by the cryptographic proofs and signatures stored in the trust layer

The DataSpace Node is available for:

DataSpace Agent

The DataSpace Agent is designed for an integration into the data source for providing cross-system data security for any type of data source like sensors, IoT-devices, IoT-gateways, SCADA-systems and PPS-systems. A scalable process for generating cryptographic proofs and a secure connection to the trust layer guarantees the raw data’s authenticity and integrity for the entire ecosystem. 


Agent Edge

The Agent Edge is available for Microsoft Azure and Docker-based environments. An easy integration is ensured by pre-built integrations for major IoT runtimes and common used protocols like OPC-UA and MQTT.

Sensor Security Module

The SSM provides a solution for secure plug & play data-sharing, that leverages the latest hardware security from our Partner Infineon Technologies. OEM customization and integration is available on request.

How to get started?

Is a trial version for the DataSpace Kit available?

A trial version is available via the Azure Marketplace.

How does the pricing for the DataSpace Kit look like?

We are offering a simple pricing based on active streams per month. For more information please contact us.

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