Tributech DataSpace Kit
Data audit & sharing technology

Our DataSpace Kit ensures trustworthy data, selectively shared across platforms and companies while providing data governance and sovereignty for all stakeholders – a plug & play kit to unlock trusted data sharing for your business.

Tributech DataSpace agent

The DataSpace Agent is designed for the integration into the data source to provide a new level of data security. A scalable process for generating cryptographic proofs and a secure connection to the trust layer guarantees the raw data’s authenticity and integrity across systems. Different options for the integration and a very low footprint in terms of memory- and computation-resources allows the integration of the DataSpace Agent at nearly every type of data source.

Cryptographic Proofs

Cryptographic proofs from raw data values are generated directly at the source to guarantee the data’s integrity and authenticity.

Trust Channel

In addition to the regular data transfer, the cryptographic proofs are transmitted by a separate secure communication channel to the trust layer.

Hardware-based security

The support of trusted execution environments for different types of devices provides the highest security level for the data verification process.

Uncompromised scalability

A very low footprint of memory- and computation-resources ensures a scalable data verification process on any granularity, even for high-frequency data streams.

Tributech DataSpace Node

The DataSpace Node provides a communication layer with peer-to-peer channels to connect cloud, hybrid and on-premise systems. The nodes act as private data brokers, that allow every user to create individual and automated synchronization processes to share data, without the need to care about networking, data processing, authentication and encryption between the connected systems. The included blockchain-based trust layer stores cryptographic proofs of the DataSpace Agents and ensures the cross-system auditability for delivered and consumed data.

Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing

Data sharing is designed peer-to-peer between connected systems without central storing, routing or another 3rd party involved.

Role-based Data Access

The role-, contract-, and event-based data access management provides the required control of data ownership and traceability between the involved parties.

Consortium Trust Layer

A blockchain-based trust layer for business networks and their digital value chains provides high scalability for the data verification, has no transaction costs and ensures data privacy by design.

Seamless Integration

The platform-independent design prevents you and your business partners from a limitation to a single could provider and allows you to deliver and consume data peer-to-peer with any other system.

Tributech complements the existing IT landscape

Tributech SolutionsCloud ProviderEnd-to-end platformTelecommunication carrier
Connecting devices & machinesX
Storing & analyzing IoT dataX
Data security within systemX
+ Cross-system data securityXXX
+ Peer-to-peer data sharing technologyXXX
+ Data auditability across companiesXXX
Tributech Solutions
+ Cross-system data security
+ Peer-to-peer data sharing technology
+ Data auditability across companies

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