Challenges of securing licence models

Establishing and scaling up a new product or technology on the market poses a significant challenge for many companies. Since the required corporate growth rate in terms of resources and capital is often unmanageable, companies are looking for new solutions such as licensing or operator models to scale their products and technologies more quickly. In establishing licensing models, the significant challenges for technology providers are ensuring a traceable and tamper-proof billing system as well as ensuring the quality standards by their licensees.

Secure your licensed technology and offer additional services

Secure your licensed technology and offer additional services

Tributech’s technology offers a solution for securing relevant process and usage data of license models and for managing traceable access to sensitive sensor and process data between the licensor and licensee. Using Tributech’s blockchain-enabled data security and integration-ready data sharing technology, companies can secure the required process steps, quality criteria and proofs of produced units or executed processes. Traceable, trusted and accessible data as a base can further provide licensees with predictive maintenance, usage-linked warranties, output-based financing, shared production models and more.

Data auditability

Usage-based licensing

Usage-linked warranties

Distributed manufacturing

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