Challenges in digital value chains

The business world and its underlying value chains are getting more and more globally connected and fragmented. Ensuring end-to-end traceability across the whole supply chain requires the interplay of many different stakeholders. Additionally, the created process data contains specific know-how of a company and is therefore highly sensitive.

Upgrade your supply chain

Upgrade your supply chain

Tributech’s technology enables companies to access selected data streams of other companies within a supply chain and have full auditability of this provided data. This approach protects the specific know-how of each company, reflected in the sensor data, by providing only selective and event-based access to necessary information within the value chain. The accessed data can be verified across systems and companies and therefore be used as trusted basis for documentation purposes or warranties.

Traceable & event-based data access
Transparent and immutable records
Product & process provenance tracking
Automated quality verification

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