Defining the technical and business standards
for providing a scalable pay-per-use model for industrial solutions.


Transforming to consumption-based pricing models calls for a fundamentally different way of doing businesses. Several key challenges need to be addressed:

How to access relevant usage data for monitoring actual use, billing fees and predicting down-time without uncovering process IP?

How to pre-finance the manufacturing of industry equipment and reduce risk of output-based revenue?


The key of most of  these challenges is to find a trusted basis for the usage of the industry equipment between the manufacturer and customer.

Transparency and accountability of the data access and the usage data itself can provide the required trust for both parties.

An additional financing partner can help share the business risk of the new output-based offering and therefore requires also verifiable usage data for risk assessment purposes.


The Tributech Data Access Kit offers an out-of-the-box solution for sharing data streams peer-to-peer between stakeholders and for verifying the origin and the integrity of these streams.

Therefore, only relevant machine data is shared with the manufacturer and it is fully transparent for the customer.

The verification of the origin and integrity provides a trusted basis for the payments between both parties. Additionally, the financing partner can use this auditable usage data as basis for the risk assessment.

Pay-per-use operator model

New pricing models based on the current utilization of products, processes or production capacities offer advantages for cost optimization, predictions, maintenance and transparency. For introducing pay-per-use pricing options based on machine data, Tributech offers a solution establishing trust in that data and provides transparency between suppliers, producers, customers and also financial institutions.


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