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The Future is Secure. Traceable. Trusted.

We rethink the way data is seen in companies. We believe it will be the leading commodity fueling future success and is the #1 asset in a data-driven world – no matter if business, process or sensor data.

Curious about how a data asset strategy can help your company accelerate business?


What Tributech can do for your business

Secure & Share

data cross-company

Selective & Role-based

data access

Trustable Data

for monetization

3 steps towards your success in a data-driven future

>> Introduce data asset management
Manage data as true corporate assets, just as any other physical good that is shared and used in your supply chain.

>> Optimize processes across companies
Exchange data with other companies for reaching the next level of supply chain optimization and monitoring.

>> New revenue streams by data monetization
Upgrade your data for establishing new revenue streams by sharing and monetizing your data assets.

How our technology can help you to succeed

>> Protect core data & business secrets
Traceable data access management without central storing or routing of shared data.
>> Configure cross-company access only to specific data
Exchange and access selected data directly between companies with maximum traceability.
>> Trust exchanged data
Fully verify and audit data even when exchanged across systems and companies.

In 30 minutes to your data asset strategy

Arrange an online-meeting with our CEO Thomas Plank and talk about the future of a trusted data economy and how your data can be transformed into reliable corporate assets.

Business Whitepaper

Read more about how a data asset strategy can help your business succeed in future.

Trusted by

Trusted by

Top brands trust
in our technology

As the largest regional bank in Upper Austria and an important partner to leading industry companies, we are working hard to rethink the role of a bank in the data-driven business world of the future in a new and customer-oriented way. The team at Tributech is a valuable partner that provides us the know-how and technical solutions to design new innovative products and services for our customers.

Tanja Holoubek

Innovation Hub, Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ AG

Why Tributech

Why Tributech

Our technology for ensuring trust, compliance and auditability of collected data enables companies to make decisions based on data, even if they are provided by third parties.

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