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The Crime Report of the Federal Criminal Police Office from 2016 lists 27,465 reports of bicycle thefts in Austria. The number of unreported thefts is about 14 times as high as the data collected by the police. Due to this high amount of thefts, our approach is to find a technical solution to solve this problem. The challenge in this project is to solve the problem of the device energy consumption over the entire product life cycle. In many applications such as the bicycle, an local energy source is not present and loading is often not possible, not economical or not user-friendly.


The idea for solving this problem is to implement a position tracking solution that is as energy efficient that it will cover the entire product life cycle without any additional charging of the battery. A digital anti-theft protection and a tamper-resistant proof of ownership should be implemented, to not compromize on the device security. In addition, a modular hardware and software design should provide reusable components to support a broader range of applications with corresponding requirements for energy efficiency and security.


The core of the concept is the new Narrowband IoT (LTE Cat-NB1) technology, which enables position tracking in isolated areas and leads to a significant improvement in energy efficiency. Combined with a micro-controller of the latest generation with extremely low power consumption, we achieve a new level of energy efficiency. In addition, the Distributed Ledger technologies offer the possibility of tamper-resistant administration of property rights.

Digital Bike Twin

The Digital Bike Twin offers a digital theft protection as well as tamper-resistant proof of ownership for bikes and other assets that require a self-sufficient lifetime operation. In the event of theft, the bike can even be located in cellars or garages due to the use of the new mobile radio technology NB-IoT. Further the digital bike twin provides reliable data for smart-city and open innovation projects. A new protocol named ALPS for “Advanced Low Power Security” will be used. The associated paper can be downloaded here.

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