Challenges of data monetization in digital value chains

Beyond the first hype of blockchain-based data marketplaces, early adopters and first movers are working on solutions for monetizing their data. But most industry companies struggle with current marketplace and monetization platforms because of their missing privacy, data security, traceability and execution features for the data sharing process. In addition, the approach of public data marketplaces without any focus on specific branches and use cases doesn’t really fit for data monetization in digital value chains. If data should become the new commodity in digital value chains, enterprises need a technology which provides the required trust, traceability and execution capabilities for a seamless data sharing and data monetization process.

Enabling your data monetization services and ecosystems

Enabling your data monetization services and ecosystems

Tributech’s technology for data trusted IoT data sharing enables enterprises to build monetization platforms, services and ecosystems on top. The Tributech DataSpace Node act as decentralized and private data brokers for their underlying systems to provide a communication layer with peer-to-peer channels between them. That allows every user to create individual and automated synchronization processes to exchange data, without the need to care about networking, data processing, authentication and encryption between the connected systems. The integrated blockchain-based Trust Layer, in combination with the Tributech DataSpace Agent integrated at the data’s source, guarantees the integrity and origin of monetized data.

Role-based data access management
Data sharing execution layer
Data integrity & origin guarantees
Privacy by design

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