Challenges of trust and traceability for data-driven services

The current trend goes towards hybrid products consisting of hardware and additional data-driven software services to distinguish from competitors. These additional services aim to provide added value for customers by optimizing customer experience or offering deeper insights and data analysis options (e.g. predictive maintenance). However, offering additional data-driven services requires access to selected data for the manufacturer or other service providers. Companies are highly sensitive when it comes to accessing data, as it contains specific know-how which is reflected in the sensor data.

Transform your data into valuable business assets

Transform your data into valuable business assets

Tributech’s technology provides manufacturers and service providers with the possibility of peer-to-peer data access to selected data streams within the customer’s infrastructure. This provides transparency for all involved parties and with its role-based and fine-grained data access it helps to protect relevant know-how, reflected in the sensor data. By using DataSpace Agents, accessed data can be audited across systems and therefore be used as a trusted basis for data-driven decision-making within the software service.

Proof-of-Execution guarantees

Output-based financing

Cross-system digital twins

Predictive maintenance

Ready to build trusted services?

Ready to build trusted services?

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