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Opportunities of Native Supply Chain Automation

The industry likes to adorn itself with terms like digitization and automation. Digitization, in particular, is often praised as a miracle cure that simply wipes away all the problems of outdated processes – virtually automatically.

Are you facing one of these 3 problems in your supply chain?

The complexity of supply chains has risen continuously in recent years. Where previously communication between different departments within a company had to be managed, today the monstrous task of making every step traceable within a global business network is faced.

Auditable data fueling the circular economy

Approaches to incentivize a more sustainable product usage or help find suitable reuse or second life applications for products. We think these are necessary starting points for getting closer to a circular economy and therefore help reach the sustainable development goals (SDG).

It’s the data economy, stupid!

In the last few years a new commodity has entered the business playground – data has become one of the most important assets for some companies. Facebook, for example, is one of these companies that understands the value of data as a valuable asset, which is one of the reasons of their high growth perspectives and current market valuation.

Pay-per-use operator model

Defining the technical and business standards
for providing a scalable pay-per-use model for industrial solutions.

Proof of Reach

The project “Proof of Reach” was launched at the beginning of 2019. It’s objective is to collect data from test drivers of diverse electric cars throughout a specific interval and to analyze this data.

Digital Bike Twin

The Digital Bike Twin offers a digital theft protection as well as tamper-resistant proof of ownership for bikes and other assets that require a self-sufficient lifetime operation.

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