Alexander Sztatecsny – new COO of Tributech

by | Apr 29, 2020 | News

“A new chapter? It’s more like an entire new book!”, a statement Alexander is making, when talking about his recent career change.

Alexander Sztatecsny, who has been working in different areas of Digitalization across the value chain for most of his business life, has recently joined the team of Tributech as COO and Managing Partner and will work with the team to elevate the business to the next level.
We have interviewed Alexander to give you a short overview of his motives and expectations of Tributech and its business field.

1.) What excites you about Tributech?

There are many things which excite me about Tributech but let’s talk about the ones which strike me most.

First of all it is the core idea/value which fuels our platform: Our solution is technologically highly sophisticated, combining a couple of established technologies like Hardware-based security, Blockchain and Peer to Peer Communication to an highly standardized and scalable solution while serving a very simple but widely neglected need from enterprises around the globe: A selective, secure and auditable way to share data across organizations or processes!

It is the “Why hasn’t this been invented before?”-moment, when you realize the potential of which kind of gamechanger this could be. The second aspect which excites me in particular, is the team which combines an unbelievable level of enthusiasm, thought leadership and technical expertise. So far, it has been great fun and already very rewarding especially if you consider the currently enforced way of working predominantly remotely, I am really looking forward to build on this spirit!


2.) What is your long-term perspective about cross-company data exchange and transforming data to business assets?

I do see a very bright future for both topics…I guess I have to say that. 😉
Let’s be serious: There has been extensive research about the value and potential of breaking up (data)barriers along the value chain, I can only recommend e.g. the WEF study: So in theory we should be aware that something needs to be done in order to address the corresponding issues but in reality I still miss substantial progress in real life scenarios beside successful demonstrators in lab environment. From my perspective it will need:

  • more technology/platform companies to build consortia like e.g. Adobe, SAP and Microsoft with their “Open Data Initiative” in order to address the topic from an application/platform perspective
  • large corporate front runners within the different verticals which guide their company eco-system to make sharing of data more natural
  • technology which makes sure that interests like IP Protection, Transparency and Security of all stakeholders are addressed.

When it comes to transforming data into business assets there is for sure still a long way to go to cover all aspects of importance, especially from rating, standardization and regulation perspectives. But I guess we all will agree that one topic will be of absolute essence: Being capable of proofing source and integrity of data!
If you want to put this to an extreme: Let’s ask ourselves, what is the value of data which you are not able to proof, that has not been tampered or even artificially generated? Companies which (plan to) extend monetization of data assets should make sure to address this and build the right governance models and technological foundation to serve both inter- and intra- company data exchange aspects.


3.) What impact do you see from COVID-19 on Tributech and the future of cross-company data sharing?

I have already been asked this quite often since I came on board at Tributech… I guess it is related to the fact that humans are typically tending to thrive for a safe harbor in times of crisis vs. making big disruptive changes to their personal and business life. So from my personal perspective I do not see any risk bigger than normal. The time has come to pick up opportunities which can sustainably shape the future in a positive way.  
From a company perspective it is as well rather straightforward: We are focusing on specific aspects of the data-economy which, at current stage, is still in its infancy compared to the overall potential. So you could say we are “ahead of the curve” and are working only with highly innovative companies who are leaders in their field. Leaders by nature do not tend to buckle under pressure, they have a clear vision on which they execute and can build the foundation for the time after any crisis. This head start will have an huge impact on success or failure of future endeavors. So, as we continue to work with these leaders, stay focused and keep our competitive advantage, we are building the foundation for what might be commodity in the future!

I am absolutely convinced that cross-company data sharing will get a massive boost and more attention from this crisis. Enterprises have already realized that being mature from an internal (OT) digitalization perspective by running e.g. almost fully automated/autonomous factories, (could have) made the difference between shutting down a factory or keep the production up and running almost as usual. Connected assets and factories enabling remote operations and services are the one side but I guess what many enterprises have learned the hard way is the dependency on the direct peers from the value chain. So, what is the point if I can keep my factories running when I do have only limited insights into my supply chain on the one side and demand from the end customer on the other side? Scalable and trusted cross-company data sharing will be key to create more transparency along the value chain and increase planning fidelity.


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