Who is Lero?

Lero is one of the worlds best known software-related research centres located in Ireland and partner of top universities and research institutes across the country.

Lero’s vision is to enter the lexicon in the same way as ‘German automotive’ or ‘Scandinavian design’ with ‘Irish software’. As part of the Lero SFI Research Centre, they are working together with over 40 companies from small up to large multinationals all over the world. Their partners are experienced in various fields such as telecommunications, financial services, medical devices, computer systems, aerospace, automotive and oil and gas.

New software-based systems are becoming more important to global economic activity and  in every day life. By collaborating with industry partners they closely work on solving industrial challenges and aim to generate new software-based products and services. Lero helps to improve the quality of software across a wide spectrum of aspects and applications, as well as producing a stream of highly-qualified software practitioners for the future.

Lero is funded by the Government through the ‘Science Foundation Ireland’ and industry partners and received over 95 million funding for research since their foundation in 2005.


Governance & Business Models for Smart Cities

Population within urban areas is steadily increasing, which leads to an extensive use of technology in order to cost-effectively manage city resources and to enhance the quality of life for the citizens. This goal will be achieved by gradually expanding monitoring solutions, establishing smart building systems within an urban area and connecting the several stakeholders.
Many Irish cities are supported by Lero to develop suitable digital strategies in order to understand how smart programmes are compatible with their economic long-term strategies while transforming to smart cities.


The Research Project

Tributech Solutions and Lero are working collaboratively in the field of governance & business models to establish a sustainable data market design for smart cities and regions. The project aims to provide technical architecture and test different commercialisation standards for a cloud-based data market for smart cities.

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