Data audit & sharing technology for trustworthy data

Audit shared IoT data to secure your business

Collaborate and use data across platforms and companies

Our technology enables you to secure and share data cross-company or cross-platform in a selective, auditable way while maintaining data sovereignty. The included blockchain technology makes sure, that the data is trustworthy and not manipulated or corrupted.

Increase willingness to share

Data sharing workflow is designed to address data sovereignty and security when selectively sharing data peer-to-peer between you and your customers.

Scale across systems & platforms

Standardized gateway enables you to scale across IT infrastructures, platforms and systems without individually created data paths between you and your customers

Audit & trust data cross-company

Relying on shared data is one of the key requirements for successfully developing and operating your business, data service or platform.

Why is data sharing relevant for your business?

Future business success is driven by the ability to collaborate and use data across different platforms and companies. This
requires selective sharing of trustworthy data as basis for data services or business models. The data sharing process needs to focus on the aspects of data sovereignty and traceability to proactively address the willingness to share of all involved stakeholders.

What is "trustworthy data" and why is it relevant?

Imagine the impact on global business if data manipulation targets the B2B market and manipulated IoT data influences business decisions, business models or algorithms. Having „trustworthy data“ provides you clarity if the IoT data has been changed or manipulated on its way from sensor to the data service or platform. This is done by verifying data origin and data integrity across systems and companies.

Trusted Data Sharing Explained

Set up a data ecosystem in minutes and selectively share trustworthy IoT data with your customers, suppliers or partners. The fine-granular data sharing workflow addresses data sovereignty and traceability for all involved parties. Data origin and
integrity can easily be verified across systems and companies providing a trustworthy foundation for your data service or platform.


  • Easy setup within the IT infrastructure of all involved stakeholders
  • Uncompromised scalability of the blockchain-based data verification process
  • Several integration options addressing a broad range of data sources

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