Turn data into real assets

Upgrade your data platform and ingest, manage, process and share data in a unified and trustworthy manner

Drive business outcome of your data services

Our novel data asset management layer enables you to easily turn data into manageable assets by enriching it with context and auditability. With our platform you can focus on the important tasks by having the right data with the right context regardless of the underlying systems – even across ecosystems.

It empowers you to establish a transparent and trustworthy perspective on your data and is applicable on a broad variety of data sources and also across heterogeneous infrastructure environments.

Applications for IoT, AI/ML, and other business cases can now use reliable data assets in a fully automated way.

Increase willingness to share

Stakeholders and operators of data assets want to have control and traceability

Trustworthy data

Digital services require reliable data regardless of the underlying platform or infrastructure


Data acquisition, preparation and understanding are the most time-consuming tasks

Data Asset Management for IoT, AI/ML & business applications

The Tributech DataSpace Kit (DSK) is designed as PaaS solution and allows you to ingest, manage, process and share data of different sources and systems in a unified and trustworthy manner. Connecting data sources within and across different systems to extract unified, well-structured and trusted data is no longer a painful job. 

It has proven to significantly reduce the time-to-value when developing AI/ML systems, new business models or data platforms.

  • Easy setup within the IT infrastructure of all involved stakeholders
  • Uncompromised scalability of the blockchain-based data verification process
  • Several integration options addressing a broad range of data sources


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